Review of the guidelines for workplace return to work programs

We are conducting a review of the Guidelines for workplace return to work programs (the Guidelines).

Made under section 52 of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998, the Guidelines are sub-delegated legislation and are designed to support, inform and guide employers, workers and other stakeholders in the development of a return to work program for their workplace.

A working party comprised of subject matter experts from across the workers compensation system conducted a review of the existing Guidelines (published in September 2010) and drafted a 2016 version for public consultation.

From this review SIRA has developed an accompanying Summary of changes document, providing a rationale for all significant changes included in the new draft as well as a summary of all other changes made to the Guidelines.

Training requirements for Return to Work Coordinators are also included in this consultation as these are stipulated in the Guidelines.

We intend to use this consultation to develop and implement informative and useful Guidelines for employers, workers and other stakeholders involved in workplace return to work programs.

We would like to hear your views on the draft Guidelines and the proposed changes to the training requirements for Return to Work Coordinators.

We will publish a consultation summary paper in December 2016.

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Consultation documents

Making a submission

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Publishing submissions

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At our discretion we may not publish certain submissions (or parts of submissions) due to our assessment of length, content, appropriateness or confidentiality.

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