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Family support 

WorkCover’s Coordinator Counselling and Liaison can provide information on counselling and other supports available to all close family members when a relative has died or been seriously injured in a workplace incident.

The Coordinator can be contacted on 1800 806 626, or email

WorkCover’s Coordinator Counselling and Liaison can provide updates to next of kin and other family members on the progress of the investigation and any legal action that may be commenced in respect of the incident involving the death of their relative. The Co-ordinator Counselling and Liaison also assists eligible family members or injured persons prepare Victim Impact Statements after a defendant has been convicted but before sentencing.  

The Coordinator can also organise referrals to other support services such as NSW State Coroner’s Coronial Information and Support Program (CISP) and other community agencies.

For further information on dealing with the practical, emotional and legal aspects of losing a relative in a workplace incident, please contact 1800 806 626.
    Facing sudden loss International Day of Mourning Information for families dealing with workplace death



International Day of Mourning - remembering those who lost their life through a workplace incident or occupational disease.

On 28 April each year, countries around the world pause to commemorate workers who have died as a result of a workplace incident or occupational disease.

Unions NSW and WorkCover hold a service on the day in Darling Harbour’s Reflection Park to honour and remember those who have lost their life at work. Families are invited to add ‘memory cards’ and flowers to the Memory Lines sculpture in honour of their loved ones.

WorkCover encourages employers and workers across the state to take time on the International Day of Mourning to think about the significance of work health and safety and how workplace incidents can affect those around them.

                     International Day of Mourning