Find an insurance agent

There are five insurance agents that provide workers compensation policies on our behalf.

They all use the same formula to calculate premiums, so you should be quoted the same basic premium rate regardless of who you choose.

However, insurance agents are differentiated by the other services they offer which also affect the overall cost.

This can include:

  • their level of experience in claims management
  • their strategies at improving return to work and general work health and safety (WHS).

Insurance agents do not:

  • offer workers compensation premium reductions (including bundled services)
  • remunerate brokers for new or renewed policies 

The five insurance agents

Allianz Australia Workers' Compensation (NSW) Limited

CGU Workers Compensation (NSW) Limited

Employers Mutual NSW Limited

GIO General Limited

QBE Workers Compensation (NSW) Limited

QBE Underwriting:

QBE Claims:


Brokers provide insurance advice, and place insurance policies with an insurance agent, on behalf of employers. 

A broker may assist you with:

  • arranging policies
  • provide advice on risk mitigation strategies relating to insurance
  • the ongoing reporting of claims
  • strategies aimed at reducing premium costs

All brokers are required to be licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)