Sporting Injuries Insurance Scheme

The NSW Sporting Injuries Insurance Scheme provides sporting participants with insurance against serious injuries and death.

Under the scheme, all registered participants of your sporting organisation are covered when they carry out authorised sporting activities. Our cover can also be used to complement private health insurance or other forms of player accident insurance.

Participants can include:

  • players
  • organisation's officials  

Authorised sporting activities can include:

  • competitions
  • trials
  • training

Types of injuries covered include permanent loss of use of arms, legs, sight, hearing and mental capacity. It does not cover minor injuries, like breaks, sprains, abrasions, cuts and bruises, or dental injuries

Cover can be provided for as little as a $1 per participant with a minimum annual premium charged of $165.

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Insurance application process

To be covered under the Sporting Injuries Insurance Scheme  you must complete a membership application form.

Then send the completed form to:

NSW Sporting Injuries 92–100
Donnison Street Gosford NSW 2250

We will then contact you regarding the success of your application. 

For more information you can read through our information pack (guidelines), call us on (02) 4321 5392, or email us at


Benefits are paid as a lump sum.  The amount depends on how serious the injury is.

The same benefits are payable to junior and senior participants (excluding the death benefit). Benefits are paid to the Public Trustee when the injured person is under the age of 18 years.

For more information on the amounts we pay out, read our benefits guide.

In all cases where an injury is serious and could result in a claim for benefits, you need to first fill out the Initial injury advice form.

To apply for injury benefits you need to complete the injury benefits application form. You do not need to seek legal advice to apply for benefits.

To apply for death benefits for a deceased participant you need to complete the death benefit application form

When filling out your application form you will also need:

  • a statement from an official of your sporting organisation detailing the circumstances of the injury and confirming you were a registered person doing an authorised activity
  • a statement from you detailing the circumstances surrounding the injury
  • a statement from at least one witness to the injury describing the circumstances surrounding the injury
  • medical documents to support the claim (eg medical reports, hospital notes, etc)

For more information about our claims process you can phone 1800 221 960 or email

Further information

Workers compensation exemption

Participants in the Scheme are not deemed to be a 'worker' under the NSW workers compensation legislation when they are:

  • participating in an authorised activity of that organisation
  • engaged in training or preparing with a view to participating in an authorised activity, or
  • engaged on a journey in connection with participation or training.

However, a member of your sporting organisation might be a worker outside these situations. We recommend you seek you own legal advice in this regard.

Secondary policies

The NSW Sporting Injuries Insurance Scheme provides lump sum payments only for permanent injury, death and disablement.

Because of this, many sporting organisations (or individuals) will have a secondary policy to insure for other things like loss of wages, medical expenses, minor injuries like broken bones, and dental.

Examples include:

  • a personal accident and illness policy
  • an income protection insurance policy

Contact an insurance company to obtain one of these policies.


The claims and benefits processes of the Sporting Injuries Insurance Scheme are legislated under the Sporting Injuries Insurance Act as well as the Sporting Injuries Insurance Rule and the Sporting Injuries Insurance Regulation.