Insurance for small employers

You are a small employer if you have a basic tariff premium (total wages x your industry rate) of $30,000 or less.

If you pay annual wages of $7500 or less, you don't employ an apprentice or trainee and you're not a member of a group for workers' compensation purposes you are known as an exempt employer and you don't need a workers compensation policy.

Impact of claims on your premium

Because you're a small business, your premium will not be impacted as a result of a claim. This provides your business with greater premium stability.

However, if you have a basic tariff premium of $30,000 or less and you are a member of a group, then your employer category (small or experience-rated) will be calculated using the group basic tariff premium. Generally, most groups are classified as experience-rated employers and as a result your claims costs will impact your premium.

We also have a range of incentives and discounts to help your business pay its premiums.