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Sample image of a high risk work licence

Before people and businesses undertake high risk activities in the workplace, they may be required to:

  • obtain a permit
  • notify WorkCover
  • register certain equipment
  • hold a licence or certificate of competency.


    Note: Transitional arrangements have been put in place in NSW to support businesses, industry and workers move to the new work health and safety laws. Check the transitional arrangements to see if they apply to your work.


    Call 13 10 50 for more information.     



  • Replace a CIC card

    Replace a lost, stolen or damaged construction induction card


    Annual registration of plant as well as new or modified plant designs

    Licences and certificates

    Forklift, crane and other high risk work licences, asbestos removal, demolition, pest management etc

    Notifications and permits

    Notify asbestos and demolition work, storing of dangerous goods, fireworks displays, and work involving lead and carcinogens

    Explosives and fireworks

    Licences for explosives, explosive precursors, fireworks and security sensitive dangerous substances throughout the supply chain.

    Licence fees

    The fee schedule sets the fees for licences and permits issued by WorkCover.