There's been an incident - What do you do?

This flyer outlines the seven key steps to follow when there is a workplace injury or illness.

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Header "There's been an incident - What do you do?" Text: Step one - Provide first aid – make sure your worker gets the right care;  Step two - Notify WorkCover NSW of a notifiable incident* immediately – call 13 10 50; Step three - Notify your insurer of any injury or illness within 48 hours – they can step you through the process; Step four - Record it – complete your register of injuries; Step five - Stay connected with your worker – feeling supported helps the recovery process; Step six - Work closely with your worker, their doctor, and your insurer to get the best outcome for your worker; Step seven - Identify and offer suitable work options to help your worker recover at work

Header “Help your worker recover at work” Text: Connecting - Staying connected and communicating with your worker is a collaborative approach to achieving safe and early recovery at work; Planning - Establishing your worker’s capacity, identifying suitable work options and setting goals is essential to successful recovery at work; Working - Recovering at work speeds healing, reduces symptoms, promotes an active lifestyle, and fosters connectedness with the workplace and community; For more information on how to support your worker after a work related injury or illness, contact your insurer or WorkCover NSW at or on 13 10 50.

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