Developing the plan

Allowing your worker to have a say encourages commitment to the recover at work plan and improves the likelihood of its success.

Recover at work involves adjusting your worker’s duties to match their capacity for work.

It can be a gradual process where your worker returns to modified duties or reduced hours to accommodate the injury. Your worker’s recover at work plan should focus on what your worker can do rather than what they cannot.

As the employer, your role in the support team is to identify suitable tasks and duties, while the doctor’s role is to identify your worker’s physical capabilities.

When developing a recover at work plan ensure you:

  • give the worker the opportunity to participate in the development of the plan
  • describe the plan in writing (see our website foor the example template recover at work planning tool)
  • discuss with your worker who will receive a copy of the plan and what injury management information should be shared with co-workers
  • provide copies of the plan to the worker and the doctor
  • provide a copy of any changes made to the plan to the worker in writing.

It is good practice to:

  • keep a copy of the plan for yourself and give copies to the worker’s line manager and your insurer
  • inform line managers and co-workers (if required) of the plan’s content
  • monitor your worker’s progress against the plan
  • update the plan when the worker’s medical restrictions change or if there is a change in the workplace that impacts the plan.

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