NSW Workers compensation certificate of capacityThe primary tool for the nominated treating doctor or treating specialist to communicate with all parties involved in the return to and/or recover at work process. The nominated treating doctor or treating specialist is responsible for completing the certificate. The worker is responsible for providing a completed certificate to you and the insurer to be eligible for weekly payments.
Injured workerA worker who has sustained an injury or illness at work, who is entitled to workers compensation under the legislation in respect of that injury or illness.
Nominated treating doctorIs the medical practitioner your worker nominates (normally their GP) to manage their recovery and assist you in safely returning the worker to work.
Pre injury
average weekly earning (PIAWE)
PIAWE is set by legislation and calculated by the insurer. The maximum amount is capped. Ask your insurer for more information or go to our website for more information.
PremiumThe purchase price for workers compensation insurance coverage. The premiums collected from NSW employers are used to cover the costs to administer the workers compensation system.
Provisional paymentThe process through which an insurer is required to begin making weekly payments within seven calendar days (in most cases) of an injury being reported.
Suitable employment

The Workers Compensation and Workplace Injury Management Act 1998 requires employers to provide an opportunity to a worker to recover at work and/or return to work by providing work for which the worker is currently suited. In determining whether work is suitable, an employer must consider:

  • the nature of the worker’s capacity
  • the worker’s age, education, skills and work experience.

The employment provided must be suitable and as far as reasonably practicable, the same as, or equivalent to, the employment the worker was in at the time of the injury.

Approved workplace rehabilitation providerOrganisations approved by SIRA to provide specialised workplace rehabilitation services to help injured workers recover at work and/or return to work. They are appropriately qualified, experienced and skilled to identify and design suitable work for the worker, to identify and coordinate rehabilitation strategies that ensure the worker is able to safely perform duties and ensure all impacts on recovery at work are considered.