Certificate of capacity

The certificate of capacity is used by the insurer to help understand your capacity for work and the payments you are entitled to.

The certificate of capacity will also help the insurer to develop an injury management plan with you and your employer to facilitate appropriate medical treatment and a recovery at work.

It should have a clear medical diagnosis using acceptable medical terminology.  

The nominated treating doctor or treating specialist medical practitioner is responsible for completing their part of the certificate of capacity.

You are responsible for signing the consent, completing the declaration and giving the certificate to your employer or their insurer.


You must sign the consent section of the form to enable communication about your injury between your doctor, the insurer and your employer. The consent  may also allow the insurer to use information about your claim in the future.


You are required to complete the declaration before sending the certificate to your employer or the insurer.
It can be completed after your consultation with the medical practitioner.

Note: The worker declaration does not need to be completed by exempt categories of worker. Exempt workers are police officers, paramedics and firefighters, volunteer bush fire fighters or emergency services volunteers.

Capacity for employment

Certifying your capacity for employment assists to identify suitable employment so you can return to work and recover with appropriate support.

When completing the 'capacity' section, the doctor should focus on helping you recover at work.

The doctor will be certifying whether you have capacity for:

  • all pre-injury duties
  • selected pre injury duties
  • some other work that is not necessarily your pre injury work, or
  • no employment

If you have capacity for some type of employment, the doctor must complete the hours and days and also the 'capacity' section.

If the doctor certifies that you have no current capacity for employment, they must estimate the time until you will have some work capacity.

They may also recommend referral to a workplace rehabilitation provider.

The certificate of capacity does not generally exceed a 28 day period without providing clinical reasoning and cannot be backdated by more than 90 days.