Exercise physiologists

WorkCover approved exercise physiologists prescribe functional exercise for the purpose of increasing a workers capacity for suitable employment. This includes specific exercise therapy tailored to the worker's injury and work demands, and/or specific work activities.

Exercise physiologists must be approved by WorkCover to deliver treatment services to injured NSW workers and must provide their WorkCover approval number on all invoices submitted to the Scheme Agent or insurer. The WorkCover approval number is specific to the approved allied health practitioner. Services must not be delivered by any other person using the approved allied health practitioner's approval number.

Pilot recovery request form

We are trialling a new form to replace the current allied health practitioner management plans in collaboration with the Motor Accident Authority (MAA). 

The aim is to provide a simpler and more consistent approach for allied health practitioners delivering services across the NSW workers compensation and compulsory third party schemes. 

The trial Allied health recovery request (AHRR) form is an interactive PDF and is best viewed on a desktop.  

Participation in this trial is voluntary and you can use your exercise physiologist specific management plan throughout the pilot period if you wish. 

All workers compensation insurers will accept requests submitted on either the AHRR or the current exercise physiologist management plan throughout the pilot period which ends on 15 May 2015.  

Allied health recovery request (AHRR) form

This form aims to:

  • improve treatment goal setting and expectation setting; 
  • the relevance of information provided to insurer case managers to assist with approval decisions regarding reasonably necessary treatment; and 
  • provides the allied health practitioner the opportunity to contribute valuable information to assist recovery at work/ return to work planning. 

It also aims to simplify processes by increasing consistency across allied health practitioner groups.

Information for allied health practitioners completing the AHRR This document is a step by step reference for the allied health practitioner to refer to when they are completing the AHRR form.

Allied health practitioner feedback

WorkCover encourages participating allied health practitioners to email us at ahrr@workcover.nsw.gov.au to provide feedback and thereby contribute to further improvements in the form.

Guidelines and information

All exercise physiologists providing treatment to injured workers must follow the procedures developed in conjunction with Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

The exercise physiologists' guide to WorkCover provides information about these policies and procedures.

The exercise physiology management plan must be used to seek prior approval to deliver up to eight exercise physiology sessions. Explanatory notes to assist with completing the plan are at Appendix 3 of the Exercise physiologists' guide to WorkCover NSW.

Fees and invoicing

Exercise physiology services are paid in accordance with the fees set out in the Exercise physiology fees order.

All invoices for treatment services must be consistent with the WorkCover exercise physiology fees order and the invoicing requirements for all WorkCover service providers.

Please note that a worker is not liable to pay, and an exercise physiologist is not entitled to recover from a worker, any amount in respect of treatment that exceeds the gazetted maximum fees.

New applications for WorkCover approval

Exercise physiologists seeking WorkCover approval can apply using the application form.

If you have been issued WorkCover NSW approval and are yet to complete the mandatory training program, you are required to register and have successfully completed modules one and two of the online training course by 13 July 2015.

The Personal Injury Education Foundation website has further information about registration for the online training program.

The third and final module of this training program will be available later this year. WorkCover will advise allied health practitioners by email once the third module is available. WorkCover approved health practitioners will have a further three months to complete this module from the date of notification. 

All practitioners who successfully complete the three modules within the required timeframes will be deemed to have satisfied the mandatory training requirement to retain their WorkCover approval.

The training for allied health practitioners web page has more details or email insurance.regulation@workcover.nsw.gov.au for more information.