Return to work assistance for micro employers

Our Return to Work Assist program helps eligible micro employers by minimising the financial burden of helping workers return to work.

It is available for up to six weeks within the first 13 weeks of a claim to employers with five workers or less and a basic tariff premium of $30,000 or less.

The program allows the injured worker to continue to receive their weekly payments from the insurer while they participate in a graded return to work plan whilst the employer can maintain the alternate work arrangement put in the place to cover the duties of the injured worker (eg employing a casual or staff undertaking overtime).

The guidelines for the return to work assist program for micro employers outlines the eligibility requirements for both workers and employers. All submissions must comply with these guidelines.

Further information 

The vocational program details form is used to submit a proposal for endorsement of a vocational program and related expenses.

The vocational program closure report form is used to notify WorkCover of the outcome of the vocational program.

The vocational program claim for payment form is used to claim approved expenses relating to the vocational program.

The EFT payment advice details form allows for expenses and workers compensation payments to be made directly to a nominated account.

For more information or assistance on this program, your workers compensation claim or help with returning injured workers to work, contact your insurer.

Call 13 10 50 for general information about workers compensation or for help with making your workplace safe.