Facts and figures

With more than a third of Australia's entire economic output coming from NSW, the work we do to make workplaces safe is very important.

Injury prevention

In 2013/2014, we:

  • conducted free advisory visits in workplaces
  • conducted workshops, presentations, expos and events
  • made workplace inspections
  • provided millions of dollars to industry groups to fund education, training and development projects in workplace safety and injury management
  • provided payments and rebates to NSW businesses and employers, employer associations, trade unions and not-for-profit training organisations (among others) to make workplaces safer
  • sponsored events in rural and remote communities to spread the safety message

In addition, the Mentoring Program facilitated relationships between small and large businesses to provide practical advice and assistance on workplace safety.

Workers compensation

The NSW Workers Compensation Scheme provides protection for over 266,000 employers and workers.

Workers compensation insurance

Premium rates for policy period 2014-2015 have been reduced by an average of five per cent and apply to policies that start or renew on or after 4pm on 30 June 2014.

We receive more than $2.5 billion in workers compensation premiums each year.

Work related injuries and illnesses

Over 100,000 work related injuries and illnesses are reported to us each year. Sadly, a small percentage of those workers are fatally injured in the course of their employment. We support the International Day of Mourning to help remember those lost on the job.

Customer service

Our information center receives over 200,000 calls and 10,000 emails each year.

Our Claims Assistance Service manages around 10,000 workers compensation related matters a year.

Over 200,000 licences, notifications, certificates and permits are issued each year.

Funds management

We are one of Australia's largest insurance businesses, responsible for more than $10.5 billion under funds under management.

Safety prosecutions and workers compensation fraud

Each year we carry out multiple, successful prosecutions of employers or people carrying out a business, or workers, who have breached WHS laws or who have defrauded the Workers Compensation Scheme.

Further information

Annual reports

The WorkCover Annual Report provides information on our achievements in improving workplace safety, injury management and return to work outcomes and workers compensation provision in NSW.


We administers and provide advice on the:

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