Further information on wages

Total wages

Total annual wages for 12 months include the gross earnings of all full time and part time workers, casual workers and contractors who are deemed workers.

Do you employ apprentices?

Employers of apprentices are entitled to a premium reduction provided they are in a designated trade vocation and the apprentice is identified in the 'Training Contract' approved by State Training Services.

Note: the reduction is available only to these apprentices and not to State Training Services recognised traineeships.

Enter apprentice wages for 12 months

The wages paid to apprentices are included in the calculation of the total premium payable.

Enter total claims cost for the past three years

Medium and large employers have their premium calculated using the cost of the claims they have received for the three years prior to start of the policy period. The cost of claims under the new premium formula can be obtained from your insurance agent.

For further assistance, contact your insurance agent.

How long has business been in operation?

Premiums of medium and large employers who have held a workers compensation policy for less than three years are subject to a premium adjustment that reflects their time in operation.

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