Grouping insurance

Businesses that are 'related' and have combined annual wages of more than $750,000 must group their insurance policies.

You are related if you have shared ownership, control or shareholding of greater than 50% or if you share employees between businesses.

All members of a group may continue to have separate policies, but as part of a group they must insure with the same insurance agent and have a common renewal date for all policies.

Your premium is adjusted using the combined basic tariff premium of the group, however the claims costs of other group members will not impact your premium.  If you have nil or low claims costs, using the group basic tariff premium in the premium calculation will generally reduce your premium.

You are required to register for grouping within 14 days of becoming aware that you are a member of a group.

Grouping does not apply to:

  • self and specialised insurers
  • government departments

How to register as a group

Complete the grouping registration form, if your internet browser won't open this form print out this static version, and send it to us by

We will then write to you and your insurance agent and give you your group number and the details of other registered employers in your group.

Exclusion from grouping

You can only apply to be excluded after you have registered for grouping.

Employers can apply to us to be excluded from grouping when:

1. the employer is a member of a group which uses common employees and we’re satisfied that the employer has continuously carried on business substantially independently of other members in the group

2. the employer carries on a business as a trustee and is a member of a group of commonly controlled businesses and we’re satisfied that the employer has continuously carried on business substantially independently of other members in the group, or

3. the employer is a non-profit organisation  conducting a business with a charitable, benevolent, philanthropic or patriotic purpose and that business does not compete with any other business conducted to profit

See section 175F of the Workers Compensation Act 1987 for more information.

Further information

For more detailed information read our grouping FAQ.