Small business rebate - injuries from moving objects solutions: Fact sheet

Injuries from moving objects

Colliding with objects

Factors to consider:

  • People and machinery not separated.
  • Animals and loads not adequately restrained.
  • No warning or safety lights.

Rebate solutions

To prevent being hit by falling objects

  • Guard and foot rails
  • Falling object protective structure
  • Signage for access and egress walkways
  • Restraint supports for equipment and tools
  • Vehicle load covers and load restraints
  • Tarp spreader, tag lines or strapping to secure loads

To prevent being hit or bitten by an animal

  • Animal restraint equipment, device or crush
  • Fall protection rail system for animal transport vehicles
  • Sliding segregation gate for livestock transport vehicles

To prevent being trapped by machinery or equipment

  • Machine guarding including fixed, interlocked, photoelectric or combination
  • Emergency stop switches
  • Electronic guarding and sensing devices, including trip bars or electronic curtains
  • Rollover protective structures (ROPS) for tractors
  • Power take-off (PTO) guards

To prevent colliding with moving/stationary objects

  • Warning/safety lights, corner vision or convex mirrors
  • Traffic management tools – eg signage, marking, safety cone, flag, barricade or bunting
  • Reversing cameras, sensor devices or alarms
  • Speed control bumps
  • Elevated walkway or crossing gates
  • Safety cages or guarding for tyre rim assembly/fitting
  • Stanchions or chokes to secure log stacking
  • Bollards

To prevent assault

  • Communication radios or vehicle tracking systems
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • Entrance electronic sensors
  • Personal duress alarms
  • Anti-jump barriers or screens, emergency egress doors
  • Office mirrored glass panel, safe rooms
  • High value goods storage – eg drop/time-delay safes
  • Installation of improved internal/external lighting

Small Business Rebate Program

Get up to $500 for being smarter and safer

Injuries from moving objectsInjuries from moving objectsInjuries from moving objectsInjuries from moving objectsInjuries from moving objects

WorkCover NSW is helping small business* fix safety problems across five common risk areas in their workplace.

Four easy steps

  1. First attend a free eligible WorkCover safety activity
  2. Then make a safety improvement to your workplace
  3. Complete the rebate application form
  4. Send application and proof of purchase to claim up to $500.

Get an application form and more information.

Phone 13 10 50 or visit

*Small business with no more than 50 employees

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