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WorkCover NSW has a suite of vocational programs for workers who are injured at work. By adopting a single program or using elements from several programs, return to work strategies can be tailored to suit a worker's particular needs.

Eligibility for vocational programs

Each vocational program has key requirements for the eligibility to access the different vocational programs. Please refer to the guide for the relevant vocational program for further information.

Work trial

A work trial is a WorkCover initiative that provides work-based opportunities for an injured worker ('trainee') to upgrade their physical and psychological capacity for work and/or develop marketable skills.

A work trial places the trainee with a suitable host employer ('work trial host') for a short period of time when the trainee's pre-injury employer is unable to provide suitable employment. In most cases, the trainee will no longer be working with their pre-injury employer.

For further information please refer to the Work trial guidelines.


Sometimes an injured worker is unable to return to work in their pre-injury capacity and needs assistance developing new skills and qualifications to find work. In certain circumstances, this may involve formal study with, eg a course at TAFE, university, registered training organisation.

Course fees and costs for stationery, textbooks, travel and accommodation may be covered under this program.

For further information please refer to the Retraining, equipment and workplace modification guidelines.

Equipment and workplace modification

Some injured workers require special equipment or modifications to their workplace in order to remain at work or achieve a safe and durable return to work.

Equipment and modification expenses may be covered under this program.

For further information please refer to the Retraining, equipment and workplace modification guidelines.

JobCover Placement Program

The JobCover Placement Program provides an employer with incentives to employ an injured worker.

The benefits of the program include:

  • an employer incentive payment for up to 12 months

    The incentive payments include:
    • up to $400 per week for first 12 weeks (maximum of $4800)
    • up to $500 per week for next 14 weeks (maximum $7000)
    • up to $600 per week for next 26 weeks (maximum $15,600).
  • exemption of the injured worker's wages from the employer's workers compensation premium calculation for up to two years
  • protection against further costs associated with the existing injury for up to two years.

For further information please refer to the JobCover placement program guidelines.

Transition to work

The Transition to Work Program addresses immediate or short-term barriers or needs that prevent an injured worker from obtaining or commencing employment. Payments up to $200 are available to assist the worker prepare for job seeking and up to $5000 to cover the costs associated with commencing new employment, eg travel, transitional child care arrangements, relocation, clothing.

For further information please refer to the Transition to work guidelines.

Need help?

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