What to include in the plan

A template is available from the website or you can develop your own. The plan should include the following information:

  • Recover at work goal

    Your worker’s recover at work goal needs to be clear to ensure everyone is working towards a common objective. See Setting your worker’s recover at work goal on page 9 for more information.

  • Your worker's diagnosis, capacity and restrictions

    Include your worker’s diagnosis, capacity for work and any restrictions specified by the doctor in the NSW workers compensation certificate of capacity. If this information is unclear, contact the doctor and ask for clarification. If you are unable to speak to the doctor directly, provide your worker with a letter to give the doctor at their next appointment.

  • Treatment and/or rehabilitation arrangements

    Include the number, frequency and agreed times of any current and/or planned treatment or rehabilitation. Treatment appointment arrangements will be dependent on the availability of treatment providers and the individual circumstances of the worker.

  • Available duties and hours to be worked

    Indicate duties identified in consultation with the worker. Include any workplace modifications that may be necessary and how they are to be arranged - see Identifying suitable work options on page 9 for detailed information.

  • Supervisor arrangements

    You may need to nominate a supervisor to ensure the worker works within the capacity specified by the doctor. Details of these arrangements should be described within the plan.

  • Review dates

    Regularly monitoring the plan for progress, effectiveness and updates as your worker recovers, helps support the worker, ensures arrangements are consistent with their work capacity and facilitates the identification and implementation of adjustments as required. It is recommended that you note any review dates specified by the doctor on the NSW workers compensation certificate of capacity – see Monitoring and upgrading the plan on this page.

  • Contact details

    List the contact details of the support team within the plan.

  • Agreement

    Indicate either in writing or verbally the agreement between yourself and your worker about the duties identified and the plan. If agreement is verbal you must note it in the worker’s recover at work plan. There is no requirement for other parties to agree to the plan. However, it is best practice to seek agreement for the plan from others, particularly the doctor.

  • Supplementary information

    As the recover at work plan is used by a range of people it is helpful to include information about:

    • the roles and responsibilities of people involved in the recover at work process such as supervisors, managers, return to work coordinator and co-workers
    • the process for handling concerns or disputes
    • the process for disclosing information
    • any additional support that helps ensure a successful recovery at work.

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