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  1. Have your say on the NSW self-insurance licensing framework

    Media Release

    As part of its efforts to achieve better outcomes for injured workers, the NSW State Regulatory Insurance Authority (SIRA) today released a discussion paper and report on potential workers compensation self-insurance licensing arrangements.

  2. New workers compensation regulation in NSW

    Media Release

    The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has announced the commencement of a new workers compensation regulation.

  3. New guidelines for claiming workers compensation


    New guidelines for claiming workers compensation come into effect on 1 August 2016.

  4. New tool to help employers determine workers compensation obligations


    SIRA has developed a new tool to help employers determine whether an employee is either a worker, deemed worker or contractor under NSW workers compensation law.

  5. Merit review user guide published


    As part of a recent review of workers compensation guidelines and policies, SIRA is replacing its Guidelines for work capacity decision internal reviews by insurers and merit reviews by the Authority (Review Guidelines).

  6. Hunter man found guilty of workers comp fraud

    Media Release

    A Hunter truck driver has been found guilty of workers compensation fraud, fined and sentenced to a 12 month Intensive Corrections Order after making claims with three different employers and continuing to work.

  7. Application for expansion of a specialised insurer licence – Guild Insurance Limited


    Guild Insurance Limited (‘Guild’) has applied to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority to expand its Defined Industry to include the early learning sector.

  8. New benefits for injured workers

    Ministerial Media Release

    Injured workers will be eligible for two new benefits that provide further support for them to return to work.

  9. Application for renewal of a specialised insurer licence – Guild Insurance Limited


    The Licensing framework for specialised insurers requires SIRA to provide notification on its website when an application to renew an existing licence is received.

  10. Free event for Ballina businesses

    Media Release

    SafeWork NSW is hosting a free event next week for small businesses in Ballina to learn more about improving work health and safety and recovery at work practices.