Employers and claims

If a worker is injured at work, you must:

  1. provide first aid and make sure your worker gets the right care
  2. notify your insurer of any injury or illness within 48 hours
  3. record it in your register of injuries
  4. stay connected with your worker, their doctor, and your insurer to identify and offer suitable work options to help your worker recover at work

Note: If it is a serious injury, illness or fatality you must notify us immediately on 13 10 50.

You must also provide the worker with:

  • the name of the insurer
  • the name and contact details of the employer
  • a workers compensation claim form (if requested by the worker)

Update your register of injuries

You must record the injury in your injury register regardless of whether there has been a claim.

Notifying your insurer

If you notify your insurer within five days you may avoid paying a claims excess.

You should complete the employer injury claim form if requested by the insurer and:

  • sign the employer's declaration
  • attach a copy of the certificate of capacity (if available)
  • keep a copy of all documents for your records
  • send the form, the certificate of capacity and receipts to the insurer within seven days after receiving them from your worker
  • discuss how your worker may receive weekly payments.

Provide suitable employment

You should provide suitable employment for the injured worker wherever possible and any assistance that will help the worker to recover and return to work quickly.

You must also cooperate and participate in the establishment of injury management and return to work plans for the injured worker.

Notify your insurer if you are unable to provide suitable employment for the injured worker.