Work break and journey claims

You may be able to make a claim for injuries incurred during work breaks and some journeys made in connection with their work.  

Work break claims

You may be able to claim for injuries received during an ordinary work break (eg morning tea or lunch break) or authorised temporary absence.

Claims while on a journey 

If you are injured while travelling for work then you may be able to lodge a claim for workers compensation.

There must be a real and substantial connection between your employment and the accident or incident which resulted in the injury.

To lodge a claim with your employer's insurer use the other work related injuries claim form

Note: If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident travelling between your workplace and home, you may be entitled to compensation under the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Scheme.  Information on CTP entitlements is available at the Motor Accidents Authority website

Journey claims for exempt workers

If you are a police officer, paramedic, fire fighter, volunteer bush fire fighter or emergency services volunteer then you may be able to claim for injuries suffered in the course of most journeys (provided there is no significant interruption or diversion) to and from your:

  • home and place of employment
  • home, place of employment and educational institution if it is required for your employment
  • home, place of employment and any other place you are required to attend for work related reasons

For motor vehicle accidents, you may have the option of claiming either workers compensation for personal injury or through compulsory third party (CTP) if another driver is found to be at fault. 

Only personal injury can be claimed on a workers compensation journey claim, no vehicle or property damage can be claimed.