Massage therapists

Massage therapy is a 'hands on' treatment involving systematic manipulation of soft tissues of the body to bring about specific physical benefits.

Changes to SIRA Workers Compensation approval for massage therapists

The revised Allied health practitioner management framework takes effect on 1 August 2016. The framework has been developed following a comprehensive review and has included extensive collaboration with key stakeholders including insurers, peak allied health bodies, SIRA’s Independent Consultant network and other government agencies.

Massage therapists are no longer required to be approved by SIRA Workers Compensation to deliver services in the NSW workers compensation system. This change took effect on 1 January 2016.

Training for massage therapists

To build capability in the workers compensation system all allied health practitioners are encouraged to complete the online allied health practitioner training program. This course consists of three parts. The course fee is $100 (GST exempt) per part.

Refer to the PIEF website for further details.

Practising in the NSW workers compensation system

A workers compensation guide for allied health practitioners will be available shortly. This document provides a common guide for all allied health practitioners delivering services in the workers compensation system, replacing six previous discipline specific guides.

Allied health recovery request

The Allied health recovery request (AHRR) is the primary communication tool between practitioners and the insurer regarding a workers recovery and service provision.

It promotes consultation between key stakeholders, including early referral to independent consultants to achieve optimal outcomes for the worker. The AHRR replaces the previous remedial massage treatment plan.

You can fill out the interactive version of the AHRR or download the static version.

The AHRR must be used to request services in the workers compensation system from 1 August 2016 and is optional for CTP personal injury.

For more information on the AHRR:

Fees and invoicing

Fees Orders set the maximum amounts payable for any medical or related treatment. The NSW workers compensation Fees Orders for allied health practitioners have been updated and take effect from 1 August 2016. The Massage Therapy Fees Order reflects that Massage Therapists no longer have exemptions to pre-approval due to the revised allied health practitioner framework and introduction of the SIRA Workers Compensation Regulation Guideline for approval of treating allied health practitioners.